Say you were a wanted fugitive and the entire nation were trying to find and apprehend you. You have a group of 150 people who know of your innocence for whatever crine you’re accused of, and they’re willing to help. What do you do?

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I’d go to the nearest of the people who is willing to help me and ask if I could hide with them. I’d begin communicating with the best-connected of the people willing to help me in order to set up a legal defense for me. I’d spend as much time as possible gathering evidence in support of myself, and I would probably ask that those sheltering me do as little as possible to help me in order to keep them from appearing to have any affiliation with me whatsoever. I may try to move from shelter to shelter if possible in order to avoid being caught. And should legal defense appear untenable, I’d begin to look at ways to escape to a nation without extradition laws. That’s assuming I’m pretty neutral on the nation pursuing me. If I had a very favorable view of the nation, I may turn myself in and hope for the best. If I hated the nation, I might try escape to another place immediately.